Welcome to official website of Bipin Bihari College Jhansi. The 19th Annual Meet of BBC College has held on Wednesday 10th Feb 2011.    


  • Harikiran
  • Drishya
  • Bhanuni
  • Zara
  • Shaan


Bipin Bihari P.G. College, Named after the great Saint Guru & the then Principal of Macdonnall High School Hon’ble Bipin Bihari Banerji, is a well known science collage of U.P. since its inception in 1959. It has grown to one of the exemplary institution of higher education and research. It is well known for its administration discipline and academic matters.

It is a grant-in-aid institution and approved by the U.G.C. under (2 F) 12 B in various programs. The reputation of the college has attracted the attention of national institutions as well as industries which come for campus selection

In sort this college is a home of education, national character, social service, games, debate & dialogues, the students get very opportunity to develop their hidden talent. All the students love it, honour it and praise it.