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Labs & Library

The college has well equipped 20 spacious labs, seven departmental libraries and a central library which has largest collection of books in the district with a reading hall sufficient to accommodate 150 students at a time, teachers and research scholars reading rooms & well arranged 4 stack rooms. Besides these, there are 14 very spacious class rooms. All rooms & labs are well furnished and well connected with electric, water & gas supply. It is a unique monument of what private bodies can do in the field of education.

Student Strength

The college has about 2300 students in undergraduate sections, 200 students in the post graduate and 55 research scholars. The number of women student has sharply increased both in undergraduate & post graduate courses. There are 55 highly qualified teachers, almost all are ph. D who take paternal interest in teaching there students in every way possible and are their true guides.
Our results are the best not only in the university but also in U.P. So far college has produced 52 Ph.D students. The principal takes active part in all activities of the college & is easily available for students. He likes to rule by love and not by the rod, but is very strict in matters of discipline and does not hesitate in giving severe punishments to wicked and antisocial elements. Thus our students are well behaved, obedient, hard working & intelligent. They get easily selected in Medical, Engineering I.A.S., P.C.S. I.F.S., Banks, Railways & get well settled. To remove inequality between rich, poor and the feeling of inferiority complex among students, boys have to wear white shirt & Girls Gray Kurta & White Shalwar Dupatta.

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