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Industrial Microbiology Department

The department has almost all equipment concerned with microbiology worth Rs. 5,41344/- it has 95 bacterial, 39 fungal and 10 yeast cultures with glassware warth Rs. 67600/- beside the permanent articles worth Rs. 70,6637.

There are about 120 students at the undergraduate level who are looking upon by 3 permanent members of the botany staff and 9visiting facilities faculties members. Students are engaged through out the sassion with classes, seminars tests and on the job traning programmes. They are frequently taken on tour to factories & institutes of national repute to impart on the job traning and broaden their mental out look, Scientists of eminence in respective fields are often invited to give guests faculty lectures. The department always have 100% result and all passouts get absorbed in post graduate courses as they easily clear the entrance examination . Last year student were sent to CDRI; NBRI & CMAP Lucknow for on the job training under the supervision of Dr. T.K. Sharma.

Job Potential

Industrial Microbiology is required in all such areas where microorganism are utilized to produce for the benefit of mankind i.e. for flood, drinks, textiles, medicines, aminoacids, alocohol production etc. As such jobs are available in Pharmaceuticals, Paper Food, Fermentation & Chemical industries. They are involved in Pollution control Environment protection, Alternate energy sources & in corresponding research establishments & Institutions.


Industrial Microbiology Chemistry & Botany Zoology.
Fee Structure
Rs. 4000/- per annum as development charges in addition to the regular college fee.

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